Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

ADSL configuration On Windows XP

In most cases when we hired an ADSL provider does not provide any configuration, except in cases where a kit is hired, this causes several problems when after formatting the hard drive have to reconfigure the ADSL, and have not written the connecting nodes or IP addresses.

To prevent this from happening in this trick we will see where those nodes, so that you can print and save for future actions.

The configuration of each card is no problem because Windows XP without further recognizes and installs its drivers, but the nodes must configure IP addresses manually. These nodes and IP addresses are not real, so each user must extract that correspond to your computer.

1 .- We click on the Start button, then Control Panel and then double click the Network Connections icon

2 .- In the icon Local Area Connection we click the right mouse button and then click Properties.

3 .- Select Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and click the Properties button.

4 .- Then we will see the screen where nodes must write TCP / IP, the TCP / IP that appears in the picture is not real in each case have a different, so please note that your computer has.

5 .- Now you must click on the Advanced button to complete the setup.

6 .- If you click on the Settings tab or the tab DNS IP settings that you see, if you scored well all nodes, you will have no problem when restoring an ADSL connection. Every ADSL provider may vary slightly nodes and configuration, it is important to review and record, which corresponds to each computer.

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