Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Trick Download RAM unused DLL's On Windows XP

All dll's that stay in memory when you close a program are dll's that are useless, except for that needlessly consume memory and reduce your speed work, so it's best to force a memory dump, but with this trick going to get Windows memory delete them automatically, so follow these steps:

Click the Start button, then Run, type regedit and press the OK button

Now in the Windows registry you scroll through the following keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer

In the right pane, you click the right mouse and choose New, String Value.

You give AlwaysUnloadDLL name and pressing the Enter key to stay the new name.

Now you double click on it and in the window that appears enter 1, and press the OK button. Close all windows and restart the computer.

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