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Formatting the hard drive or partition to NTFS On Windows XP

In Windows XP hard disk formatting is somewhat more complicated than the formatting of Windows 98, Me, ... and etc.

In this article we will try to explain as clearly as possible so that any user of Windows XP by following these instructions to format your hard disk or partition without any problem.

For this there are two ways to do so, as installed Windows XP with the FAT32 file system or NTFS. So the first thing to know is which of the two systems are running Windows XP.

Windows XP is installed on NTFS. To format the NTFS partition and reinstall Windows XP follow these steps:

With the computer off introduce the disk # 1 installation of Windows XP (total are 6 discs) and start the computer.

Next we introduce the disk 2 .. 3 .. 4 .. 5 .. 6 as soon as I asked.

Once you have loaded the 6-disc, we offer the following options. Install Windows XP. Recover Windows XP installation or Exit the program.

We choose the option to install Windows XP, pressing the Enter key. Insert the CD-ROM for Windows XP CDs in the player press the Enter key again.

Press the F8 key to accept the license agreement and continue the process.

In the next window we again have the option to repair Windows XP installation or new installation. We choose new installation option and press the ESC key. to continue.

On the next screen we see all the disks and partitions, with three options. Install Windows XP. Create new partition, or delete the selected partition.

Now let's remove the partition to select it and press the D key and then press L to delete it.

In the partition table is gone we will see the name of unity and instead had the text appears unpartitioned space. Select the text of unpartitioned space and press the C key to create a new partition. Show the space provided on disk, in this case is left as is because our intention is to reformat and reload Windows XP (but could change the partition size or make a new partition with less disk size). Press the Enter key.

Now the partition table appears with the drive name (for example F: \) then press the Enter key to continue the installation.

In the next window you will see options to format the partition, choose the option to format in NTFS and immediately begin to format the partition.

Once you finish formatting the partition will automatically continue to install Windows XP, and only have to follow the instructions that appear on screen to finish installing Windows XP.

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