Kamis, 12 Januari 2012


Release RAM. After running one or multiple applications or games that make heavy use of system resources Windows has detected that something is "touched", much slower. This is because the application remains blocked part of the RAM you have used, causing what is called "memory fragmentation". Using a small script can free that memory, forcing the computer to download the contents of memory to the swap file so that recharge all the information again active in memory and discard the information is not useful, this will do as follows :

Open the Windows Notepad and depending on the memory of your computer by typing the following values:

If you have less than 128 Mb of RAM, write mystring = (16000000)

If you have 128 Mb of RAM or more write mystring = (80000000)

Now save this file anywhere you want, with the name "liberar.vbe" (do not forget to put the. Vbe because the name does not matter you can put the one you want).

Now double click the file you just created and windows refresh RAM.

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