Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Delete files that do not allow clear on Windows XP

We often find that when trying to delete a file, XP answers us that can not be deleted because the file is being used by another program, this problem usually occurs when you try to delete files in *. avi. Usually the problem is usually caused because some avi is damaged and the corresponding codec (which is invoked whenever the preview) crashes and will not let go.

Remember that AVI is not a file type, but is a "container" video format, and in the inner header, has actually recorded the type of video it is and so the system knows which codec should be called.

To solve this problem we will open a command window

We click on the Start button and then on Run

Then type cmd and press the OK button

We close all open programs you have less screen MS-DOS just opened.

Volvo has to click the Start button and then on Run

Type taskmgr.exe and click the OK button

We should press the Start button and then on Run

Write explorer.exe and press the OK button.

We return to the command window and go to the folder where you have the file you want to delete and write: the left one space and write the filename

Let us return to Task Manager, File> New Task and type "explorer.exe" (without quotes) to restore the desktop. We can close the task manager and the command window.

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