Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Prevent activation of Windows XP

As we know Windows XP must be activated after installation, otherwise it will stop working after 30 days.

Until this point everything right, you install Windows XP, is activated and ready, but the problem comes once for any reason, you have to reformat your PC or reinstall Windows, you have to activate it again, to avoid this we must do the following:

Once Windows XP is activated for the first time you save a file on your PC, this file should copy and save very well for the next time you erase the hard drive and thus avoid the activation again.

Follow these steps to find and save the file that stores the hardware settings and activate your copy of Windows XP.

You click the Start button and then click Run.

Write wpa.dbl and press the OK button, after a few seconds the file will appear in the search box.

Now mind you where the file (normally be in the Windows directory), copy this file to a floppy disk or elsewhere on your hard disk where it is safe from errors and you can keep until you need it.

The next time you format the hard disk, or for any other reason you need to activate your copy of Windows XP just copy the file you just saved to your Windows directory, reboot and ready and is turned back your copy of Windows XP.

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